Vaping Studies to Slam Critics

Vaping Research

Vaping Studies to Slam Critics

Vaping has come under much scrutiny as it grows in popularity all over the globe. Media stories have been popping up about the health effects of vaping, with ideas spreading that suggest vaping is a gateway to smoking. At the same time, research studies continue to be conducted to examine the truth of these media claims, as often reported ‘facts’ are based on little to no evidence. Many studies have found that vaping can be beneficial to smokers in a number of ways, especially when using vaping as a means to quit their addiction.

The most common media concerns and the scientific studies which address these concerns are listed below, so you can see the facts and figures for yourself.


Vaping Vs. Smoking

Vaping is reported to be just as bad as cigarette smoking. This claim has been slammed by numerous studies, which look at the health risks, the difference in nicotine ingestion, the instances of smokers turning to vaping to quit. It is apparent that vaping is far less health adverse than smoking, by 95 percent in fact. Some research has even been done on how switching to vaping from smoking can improve lung functioning.


Secondhand Vapor

Inhaling second hand smoke from a cigarette is dangerous. This is where the concern from the media arose for the effects of inhaling vapor. It has been found, however, that breathing in vapor as a bystander brings no health risks.


Gateway to Smoking

One of the biggest arguments against vaping is that it serves as a gateway to people to begin cigarette smoking. This report has been spreading in the media in different ways, from claims that youths are being drawn in to cigarette smoking through vaping. When assessing the research findings, it is actually the opposite. Vaping is a form of nicotine replacement therapy for smokers looking to taper off their cigarettes to eventually quit. Vaping has largely been successful for many people in helping them to quit.


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