Why Subtle Vaping Is Important

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Why Subtle Vaping Is Important

Vaping has made the transition from a novelty hobby to a largely mainstream act around the globe. Particularly in America and Europe (though extending far and wide to even the islands of South East Asia), Vape bars, specialty vaping stores, and online blogs and websites continue to grow due to the vast number of vaping enthusiasts. With conflicting information being spread from some health advocates, as well as mainstream media and government initiatives, there is still contending ideals on the how appropriate vaping is for public health. This has led to crackdowns around the globe on restricting vaping use in many public areas and environments, as well as even lobbying for entire statewide banning in some areas of the U.S in particular.


Despite the fact that research has concluded that vaping is 95% safer than cigarette smoking, there is still growing concern and rejection among non-vapers, who would prefer to see this form of nicotine consumption to be made illegal.


In order to sooth those concerns against vaping, particularly when witnessing the act in a public environment, there are a few ways that vapers can tone down the offensive cloud of smoke, in order to draw less attention to themselves, and potentially change the minds of those in favor of banning. It is not only public health concerns that repel people from being around those who vape, the obnoxious cloud blowing can also just be seen as annoying and inappropriate in areas such as restaurants and shared public spaces, as well as around children. Some workplaces have banned vaping mostly due to the fact that those who vape can tempt smokers to take more breaks from work, reducing overall productivity. There are techniques proposed for people who are looking to be more covert in their vaping style in order to respect the contending opinion. Deeply inhaling, or taking an extra inhale, reduce the cloud of blown out air. It has also been suggested that diluting your E-liquid with distilled water reduces the vapor content being exhaled, as well as opting for less intense flavors in order to make the odor of the vape more subtle.


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