E-Cigarette Battery Safety

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E-Cigarette Battery Safety

Lithium batteries are used in the majority of e-cigarette devices, as rechargeable power sources. With some cases of failure in lithium batteries, flaming and exploding whilst charging, it is apparent that the growing concern of the safety of these batteries being used in e-cigarettes is warranted. The very fact that these batteries are smaller and packed more tight in the device means that the technology and chemical make up of the battery is not only more powerful in being energy-dense, but also more dangerous. Along with safety risks for e-cigarettes, batteries in laptops, cellphones and other rechargeable handheld devices also bring with them warnings. When a battery is overused, or broken, this can overheat and create a bursting effect with the cells reaction to the heat. Lithium batteries in particular swell and can ultimately explode if the damaged battery is used. With this form of battery, it is said that the smaller the device and battery used, the more danger is inherent for overheating. The main risks associated with vaping devices is that if the specific battery is not used in the correct device (as all e-cigarettes contain different sizes and capacities of wattage output) then this is where the overheating, and possibly explosion, can occur. To ensure that you are using your device as safely as possible, here are some recommended tips:


– Only charge the device with the charger than came with your device when purchased.

– Don’t charge your battery too much.

– When replacing batteries, be very sure to note that you are putting in the correct wattage for your device.

– Do not leave any spare batteries in hot environments (e.g. A car).

– If you hear the device making sounds such as hissing or buzzing, remove the battery and allow it to cool off.


Find out more about e-cigarette safety at your local e-cigarette store. They can point you in the right direction.